Working with Catholic school leaders in Cairns

Working with Catholic school leaders in Cairns

Bill Dixon, Executive Director for Catholic Education Services, Diocese of Cairns, chose to work with QELi for his school leaders’ leadership development.

“For us, QELi is the perfect partner. They have the resources and skills to support each of our school leaders’ leadership development needs, and we are currently working towards delivering an Executive Development for Education Leaders program, and have recently concluded a program for 18 of our small school leaders from across the Far North Queensland, North Queensland and Central Queensland dioceses.”

The Challenge:

Bill says, “We have a number of small schools in our diocese and our biggest challenges are around attracting and retaining quality leaders and teachers. There are no guarantees that school leaders will transfer into the areas we need. It is essential that we invest in our current school leaders, to ensure all of our schools have the best leaders on-board and are supporting the best learning outcomes for our young people.

The Solution: QELi’s Small School Leadership Program

Bill says, “We wanted a program that would support our focus on developing our Principals as leaders of learning. For us, quality leaders means quality teachers and quality student outcomes. We heard amazing reports from our colleagues from the Armidale diocese, New South Wales, who completed QELi’s Small School Leadership Program previously and decided it provided the best solution for to support our teams.”

The program facilitators delved into the evidence-based research program, to unpack best-practice and implement solutions to identified leadership changes, to address the complexity of leadership within a small school setting.

“Working together, it was evident our school leaders also built strong collegial networks, which is of vital importance in positions that can often be isolating. QELi was also first-rate in sharing new ideas to harness the collective power of local community, business and industry leaders, through a collaborative learning project.”

Participants said:

Participants were very excited with the wealth and quality of knowledge, tools and networks they walked away with. Overall, they rated the program 4.4 out of 5.

Bill says, “Our school leaders have found this program incredibly valuable. Already, they can identify the networking, common problem solving, and the chance to establish a professional learning community as the biggest benefits of the program.”

One participant says, “I wanted to thank you sincerely for the time, effort, professionalism, passion and personalisation that went into making the Small Schools QELi Program a success. I honestly don’t think that I have engaged in a program that has provided the depth and variety of knowledge that this has provided.”

“Your approach to ‘us’ as Small School Principals was outstandingly commendable. Your ability to affirm and encourage, ask the ‘right’ questions to challenge us, and provide feedback was admirable. Once again, thank you very much.”

Another added, “I feel very privileged to have been part of this course. I am excited to return to school knowing that I’ve learnt so much and then implementing change.”

Another school leader expressed, “Thank you to all of the program’s facilitators for your time, patience, expertise and warmth during the workshop. It has been a very meaningful and worthwhile experience.”

“Thank you for energising me in my first year of principalship.”

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