QELi is delighted to partner with Dr Matt Capp, Founder and Chief Learning Officer at CAPITALISE Education, to provide a program exploring how to practically implement the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles into lesson planning to support all learners.

Based on research, the UDL principles support educators to design learning experiences that support all learners to overcome their barriers to the learning process.  This is achieved by ensuring that the curriculum is used accurately, and educators know their students’ strengths and challenges, before considering how the UDL principles are embedded into the lesson planning process.  The principles are named in government legislation and contemporary research as the best approach to support all learners to access inclusive education.

Dr. Matt Capp is the leading expert in UDL within Australia and in the Southern Hemisphere.  He is the author of multiple peer-reviewed and professional journal articles on the topic.  He has 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher and an educational consultant working in the area of inclusive education.


UDL is based on the idea that educators support learners to become purposeful and motivated, resourceful and knowledge, and strategic and goal directed.  This is achieved by embedding the UDL principles into the lesson planning process.  During the two-day program, participants will:

  • Collaboratively identify the knowledge and skills they need to teach in the Australian Curriculum. They will also identify what students need to demonstrate and not demonstrate in relation to the Australian Curriculum
  • Identify the strengths and challenges of the students in their classroom
  • Match the relevant UDL strategies to their students’ strengths and challenges
  • Embed the UDL strategies into their lesson planning process

Participants will complete an action research project within their school context between the two face-to-face workshop days. These projects will be shared during the second day.


  • Four-month program
  • Combination of theory and practice
  • Access to professional readings and resources
  • Discussions and activities with your facilitator and program participants in workshops
  • Collegiate networking


The program is suitable for all educators who work with students.


Welcome & Preparation
Workshop 1
Practical Application
Workshop 2


$1 500 + GST = $1 650.00


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Dr Matt Capp, EdD, is the leading expert on Universal Design for Learning in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific Region.  He is the Chief Learning Officer at CAPITALISE Education, which supports classroom teachers, schools, and educational systems to practically implement the UDL framework through professional learning workshops, coaching, and consultancy.  As a man on the autism spectrum, Matt is also interested in supporting students with ASD to overcome their barriers to the learning process.

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