This program is designed to help teachers engage in rigorous, collaborative conversations that utilise the power of video.

While coaching is recognised as one of the most important and essential means for improving professional practice, not all schools have the resources for instructional coaches or leaders to work directly with all teachers in an ongoing way. This course is designed to introduce coaching skills to all teaching staff so that they can work collaboratively with one another. The fact that coaching conversations involve reflecting on videos of teaching practice helps to ground goals in reality and keeps the process non-evaluative, rigorous and safe.

Developed jointly with Dr Jim Knight and the Instructional Coaching Group, this program introduces a reciprocal collaborative cycle of coaching conversations that are based on the principles of partnership and trust. Classroom video is used to enhance the process by helping teachers to identify and monitor progress towards student-centered professional learning goals.


The Video Peer Coaching Program is designed to provide:

  • A clear understanding of how teachers can work in partnership to improve their teaching practice
  • An appreciation of the power of video as a tool for reflection and learning
  • Confidence and competence using video as a tool for professional learning 
  • Coaching skills and a process to support quality learning conversations about teacher practice and student learning
  • Enhanced peer-peer collaboration


$790 + GST = $869.00


All educators


Welcome & Preparation
Workshop 1
Practical Application
Workshop 2


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