The Women’s Advanced Leadership Program – Regional, Rural and Remote Queensland

QELi is delighted to partner with NESLI to provide Department of Education teachers in regional, rural and remote Queensland with greater access to high-quality, nationally regarded online professional development programs. 

The Women’s Advanced Leadership Program – Regional, Rural and Remote Queensland is an online career-defining six-month journey. Focusing on the interpersonal and behavioural dynamics associated with senior leadership, the program combines rich, multi-media learning resources with peer level discussion and collaboration. Working collaboratively throughout the fully online program, you will co-construct your learning journey by sharing insights and experiences with other participants. The program will equip you with the skills and confidence to lead more effectively and accelerate your career progression. You will engage in a deep exploration of your own strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as they relate to leadership within the context of your school, and you will create powerful, life-long professional networks.

Program Structure: The program is delivered online, over six months, with a two hour average weekly time commitment. The program includes:

  • Seven live webinars
  • Five adaptive leadership challenges that consolidate key learnings
  • Responses to capability assessments 
  • Peer coaching relationships
  • Online forums

Suitable for: The Women’s Advanced Leadership Program – Regional, Rural and Remote Queensland is being offered to female school leaders who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • seek permission from their principal to participate in the program
  • are a permanent employee of the Department of Education and located in one of the following regions: Central Queensland, Darling Down and South West, North Queensland, Far North Queensland or the northern end of North Coast
  • possess full registration with the Queensland College of Teachers

Program Cost: The program cost for successful applicants will be covered by the Department of Education.

Queensland Government and QELi

The National Excellence in School Leadership Institute (NESLI) offers responsive and high quality professional learning programs that focus on school leadership. NESLI provides school leaders with the skills, knowledge, frameworks, and confidence to thrive in the complex leadership challenges they face in today’s school environment. NESLI’s professional learning programs enable educational leaders, schools, and departments to benefit from rigorous and evidence-based research, and to be informed by an exclusive network of global leaders, facilitators, practitioners, and scholars. NESLI undertakes work in all school sectors across Australia and has an ever- increasing presence in the school sectors of New Zealand, Asia and the USA.